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Here you will find a comprehensive and holistic yoga sequence that is systematically flowing through the 5 elements.

After 5 rounds of sun salutations, there are more than 20 asanas with variations that lead us through the 5 elements and invite us to consciously experience and embody their qualities. In the end, we will go into a guided deep relaxation in shavasana.

The sequence is just about an hour long and ideal for daily or very regular practice. One can of course either practice the full sequence or simply break it down into its elements and practice according to ones individual needs.

The intention of this follow-along practice is to be able to follow the sequence easily from pose to pose and create flow. Instructions are focused and limited to the essentials and kept relatively neutral in order to enable a practice with little distraction and to give space to the character of the sequence, to your inner experience. This also means, however, that individual positions are not covered in great detail or with exhaustive explanations. It is therefore particularly suitable for beginners with yoga experience as well as for more advanced practitioners.

After purchasing the practice videos you will receive a Welcome Letter with some introductory information and two links to either watch the videos online or download them to your device.

5 Elements Yoga - Asana Sequence English

20,00 €Preis
  • 8 videos with a total running time of around 54 minutes:


    Sun salutation

    Earth I - focus on standing poses part I

    Earth II - focus on standing poses part II

    Water - focus on forward folds and hip opening

    Fire – focus on backbends and twists

    Wind – focus on arm balances

    Space - focus on inversions

    Deep relaxation - yoga nidra, body scan

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