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Pregnancy Yoga & Movement -

A course for staying strong & healthy throughout pregnancy while preparing for birth.


The course I wish I would have had in my first pregnancy - recorded in my second pregnancy.


This course is a unique mix of mainly Yoga & Pilates and contains all the techniques that I found to be most important and effective in pregnancy.


We go through breathing mechanics and its impact on the core & pelvic floor, pregnancy pranayama (yogic breathing exercises), how to manage pelvic girdle pain, movements and poses for optimal baby positioning as well as for labour and birth.


I'm a yoga teacher and a 'pregnancy & postpartum corrective exercise specialist'. I've also learned from physiotherapists, pilates instructors and most importantly - my own experience during my two pregnancies. This course combines the best of these worlds into a unique and effective program.


After purchasing the course you will receive a Welcome Letter with some introductory information and two links to either watch the videos online or download them to your device.


What participants say about the course:

I just love Camilla's course! In my first pregnancy I developed ischiatic pain, in my second symphysis pain and in my 3rd, with nearly 40 years, I finally learnd how to overcome both! I'm immensely happy and grateful I booked the course. After each lesson I don't feel pregnant anymore, 'cause my body gets stronger, so it can easily deal with my additional weight. I like to be challenged to be prepared for that marathon called birth and that's exactly what Camilla does. She gives information about how the body works, what to do against specific pain and just made me (and my butt) stronger than before. My challenge now is to repeat each lesson and endure all exercises! One has to keep goals ;).
- Maria

Pregnancy Yoga & Movement - Course + Private Class

115,00 €Preis
  • You will get acces to the 10-part video course and receive a private 60min class online or in person.

    1. Basic Yoga Flow
    2. Breathing mechanics and the impact on the pelvic floor, core & diastasis recti, theory & preventive workout 
    3. Pelvic Girdle Pain, theory & preventive workout
    4. Heart Bottom Syndrome (flat butt in pregnancy). Theory & preventive pilates workout.
    5. Prenatal Pranayama sequence (breathing exercises) Also suitable when one doesn't have have the energy for vigorous exercises or got an exercise stop from the healthcare provider.
    6. Full body Pilates workout
    7. Yoga Flow
    8. Optimal baby positioning. Yoga poses that encourage baby to get in the optimal position for giving birth.
    9. Movement for labour.

    10. The first Postpartum recovery exercises. (Coming soon)

    More than 6.5 hours of video material.

    In a few weeks -  after giving birth - I will add the 10th video with moves for postpartum recovery.

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